Is Your Heart In It?

Enfolded © Beth Cole

Enfolded © Beth Cole

I am an emotional person. My little heart gets banged and bruised easily. For a long time, I have had to put armor around it so it’s protected. But I found that armor keeps the hurts from coming in, but it also keeps the loves from going out. Not good.

I think painting helps my heart heal so I don’t have to wear that silly armor. Painting is a language that helps me understand my emotions because they seem to come out on the canvas whether I want them to or not.

I can paint pieces that are shallow if you will, nice and easy on the eyes, but not really showing my heart. I have decided I don’t want to do that very much anymore.

I want my heart to show in every piece I paint.

I want my art to move the heart from the inside outward.

I want my art to show how a heart can fill up and spill over.

It’s the work I see my Father doing in me every day. To Him be the glory.