The Rescuer

Crop of Rain Children - Commission © Beth Cole

Crop of Rain Children - Commission © Beth Cole

I read a really good article yesterday by Nik Ripken about how we (Western believers) want to rescue our brothers and sisters who are suffering persecution. It is somehow as if we (collectively as a society) want to alleviate suffering firstly for ourselves and then for others in the perimeters of our lives. We believe it is the good, the best, the right, that people would not be allowed to suffer. And who could argue that?

But think of the lowest times in your life. Maybe you are there right now, in fact. Suffering in some way. Those valley days of darkness piling up one upon one until you forget what it is like to have a good day. I think those are the days when you long for The Light the most, when you long to draw close to Him, as close as you possibly can just so you can see. That has been my experience anyway.

Suffering is a part of life and I believe after God brings us through the suffering and we look back, we see how His strong arms and hands pulled us through. It is not our bootstraps and how hard we tugged on them. It is Him. At work. Always.

I think about this in my painting. I get frustrated. My poor canvas is suffering. I want to rescue it, turn it into something beautiful, take it out of its misery and fast. But I have found if I just leave it alone for awhile, give it some time – the ugly usually resolves and something more beautiful emerges. If I would have attacked the canvas and been in a hurry it likely would have morphed into a big mess, maybe beyond repair.

In a way, isn't it the same with our lives and the lives of those we love? We want to rescue, get a fix and quick. But waiting, allowing the real Rescuer to work, is sometimes the best response.

I’m waiting along with you my friend.