Social Media Observations

Steadfast © Beth Cole | Oil on Panel | 8 x 10

Steadfast © Beth Cole | Oil on Panel | 8 x 10

I am definitely not a social media expert. I do not post very often and when I do it is always preceded with angst. I am not someone with a social media strategy or a plan. But I have found social media, namely Instagram and Facebook, to be a gift for connecting with others around art.

I could take this post in a lot of different directions, and maybe I will think and write a little more on this topic, but for today I just want to talk about one thing, and that is commenting.

It is very easy to hit the like button on someone’s post and this is what I do most often as I am scrolling. But, taking the time to leave a sincere comment, even if it is just one little word, really makes a big difference to someone. As a recipient of such kindness, it just feels tender and good, and helps me remember that person. I don't think it's necessary to always comment on something, I am talking about when something stops you from scrolling and you appreciate it, I think it is kind to leave a good word. 

I did not instinctively know this when I started out on social media. I thought a like was just as good as a comment. Being by nature a quiet one, I certainly love the “like” button more than the “reply” box. And believe me, I have sat for five minutes with that blank reply box staring  at me trying to think of exactly what I want to say. Gah! It is an affliction! But, I have pushed through and it has gotten easier.

All this to say, in a world where we can’t make eye contact or shake a hand, I believe sincere commenting may be the kindest thing we can do. It builds relationships and that can lead to friendships, collaborations and partnerships.

What do you think? Until next time, thanks for following along.

Soli Deo Gloria