Gift Ideas for Artists

What To Buy for the Artist In Your Life

Gift Ideas for Artists, Photo ©Beth Cole

Gift Ideas for Artists, Photo ©Beth Cole

It’s that time of year when we are all thinking of gifts and giving so I polled my FB friends to gather gift ideas for artists. Thanks to all my friends who pitched in with ideas!

  • Gift cards. Always a good and safe choice. Some of the places we love to shop online are Blick, Jerry’s Artarama, or Cheap Joe’s. Chime in with a comment if you know another great place to buy art supplies.
  • Brushes. We wear out our brushes so new brushes are a luxury and a treat. You can buy brushes at your local or online art supply store. Some artists would thank you to the high heavens for a gift certificate to Rosemary Brushes.
  • Fun supplies. One artist receives from her husband art supplies she hasn’t tried before that have been recommended by the art supply store - something that is new or fun to use. Great idea.
  • Lighting. Many of us are working in spare bedrooms or basements without good natural light or weird lights. One artist suggested a standing light with a bright natural bulb that can be adjusted to any height or angle. To this I say, yes! Here are some listings. I have an Ottlite for reading which I really love and I know they make floor lamps as well but I haven’t tried them.
  • How about a stylus pencil for art apps such as Procreate or Paper 53? This would be a wonderful gift. Pencil for Paper 63, or Mixoo for iPad and iPhone.
  • A gift card for an online class, there are so many great ones (here's mine :)) (visit Jeanne Oliver's Creative Network for tons of great classes).
  • The gift of travel and tuition for an art workshop.
  • Art books, one suggestion is Nancy Reyner’s book, “Perfect Paintings.” Here is another list of books put together by Carolyn Edmund at Artsy Shark.
  • Cold hard cash! So we can buy the supplies we need.
  • A magazine subscription such as one to International Artist Magazine.
  • A drawing board that tilts. Here are some ideas….
  • A light board.
  • Storage for art supplies as in a cabinet type tool box. Here are some images of cabinet tool boxes.
  • Containers that can be used as brush holders, be creative!
  • The Sketchbook Project from the Brooklyn Library, brilliant idea.
  • How about this little portable chair for plein air painting, great idea.
  • And one of my favorite suggestions from a friend…..time to create. Imagine it!

Thanks again to all of my friends for sharing ideas. I hope this list sparked some ideas for you and gives you a grateful heart as you are shopping for your artist.

And please remember along with me, even though we wack ourselves out with all the lists and shopping and buying, Christmas is not all about that. I believe it is all about a perfect gift that doesn't expire, doesn't need to be adjusted, altered, or returned, and keeps on giving minute after minute, day after day, year after year. It is not a thing, it is a person, and his name is Jesus -- Forgiver, Savior, Redeemer, Light of the World. I hope you will celebrate Him along with me.

Blessings to you, dear reader.

Soli Deo Gloria