Possibility, Light, Hope and Vision

Illumination ©Beth Cole | Oil on Canvas | 9 x 12

Illumination ©Beth Cole | Oil on Canvas | 9 x 12

The end of the year is here. Many might wax and wane about water under the bridge, regrets, missed opportunities, changes to be made, etc. I drill down on those topics, too (a little too much) but there’s always another side right? The side of possibility, hope, light, and vision.

I named the above painting "Illumination" because it reminds me of possibility, hope, light and vision. When I think about these things it always turns my face upward to see the gentle care and power of my Creator, the one who never lets go and has no dark side at all. I hope this artwork is a reminder of His perfect light and leading.

So how about we celebrate possibility, hope, light and vision?

  • What are some things that have gone right and well and good in your year?
  • Where do you see possibility in the coming year?
  • What are you hoping for?
  • When you think of your "vision," what comes to mind?

It is my hope that as you consider these thoughts, you would see how He has worked in your life, the gentle care and compassion that has flooded over you, even if your seas were stormy. Let the gratefulness pour out. It changes us as artists and people when we focus on the good.

Thank you for following along with my art journey - for your support, your likes, comments and shares. I am overwhelmed by what God has done through my paintbrush and I'm looking forward to what He will do in the days to come.

I'm very grateful for you, dear reader.

Happiest new year from my heart to yours.

-- Beth
Soli Deo Gloria